October 05, 2005

The Navaratri Dandiya Raas

Dandiya Raas, the integral part of the Navaratri celebrations, predominantly in Northern regions of the Subcontinent, is a wholesale Raasaleela; a mass orgy.

This mating ritual is a manifestation of the decadence perpetrated by say, the Kyunki... typecast TV soaps, where adultery is the thread that holds the feeble script together.

Here in Bangalore it used to be held at Palace grounds, the "Hallowed Concert Arena". (no idea of this season). (oh yeah, Central College Grounds!)

There are statistics reported of a rise in 'participants' seeking termination of unsought pregnancy.
Not to mention, the STD chain reaction initiated in this melting pot for the worse of the society.

So goys, dress up n bait some easy lays;
& the moral police are hibernating.

some lyrics:
"dandiya aatamam aad
Dussera kootamam kood
Gujarat kumarigalaad
Kadalan kadaliya thede
-Dandiya, from the movie KadalarDinam

Happy Dussera!

October 02, 2005

Remembering Shankar Nag

October 2nd, apart from being the birthday of Sri M.K Gandhi & Sri L.B Shastri is
the day we lost beloved Shankar Nag to a freak mishap, 15 years ago.

Were you among with us you would have scaled boundless heights n outclassed
everyone out there in the industry.

Autoraja, you continue to live as goes your song from the movie 'Geeta':
Jothe Jotheyali Iruvenu heege endu...
Hosa Harushava taruvenu heege endu...

I'll be with you together this way
I'll bring you new joy everyday.